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Game. AUX. Universal Remote Device Codes. Americas. 0017. 4 TV. Universal Remote Device Codes. a better case use a universal remote with more buttons and add much needed functionality. The box itself has a built-in IR receiver and it only responds to the provided But really the Apple TV does it great, it works out of the box with its own remote, but you can program as many remotes as you like.

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To program the remote to control a VCR or DVD player, press and hold the DVD key, instead of the TV key, in step 4 and 5. To program an audio The AUX key is reserved for audio receivers, amplifiers and VCR. Note: The remote will exit programming mode after 20 seconds if no key is pressed.

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To get back on topic, there are still very few universal remotes with the Roku code, and you have to be careful that the remote has the video box code, not the Soundbridge code. If you've lost the original remote getting a replacement plus a learning remote is the easiest way to go, I think. Stop Wasting Time Programming Remotes! Low cost replacement remote controls for hotels, motels, hospitality, assisted living, nursing homes and hospitals Never Loses Codes Even If Batteries Are Removed

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The Simpleset feature is a very powerful yet easy to use way of quickly getting your device working with your universal remote control. It works by shortlisting the number of devices you’re using by manufacturer and then cylcing the known setup codes automatically until you find one that works.